Assault & Battery

At the Law Office of Laura M. Petty, we have over 20 years of legal experience in defense of violent crimes in Fairfield, Vallejo and all throughout Solano County. Such crimes include murder, manslaughter, sexual assault, robbery and domestic violence. Our experience has resulted in the successful outcome of many criminal defense cases. If you have been accused of assault and battery, it is to your distinct advantage to retain an aggressive and dedicated Solano County criminal defense attorney to work on your behalf.

Assault and battery are actually two offenses that are commonly combined into one charge. Assault is an unlawful attempt to violently injure another. Battery is willfully and unlawfully using force or violence against another. Assault and battery can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony. How it is charged will depend on the circumstances surrounding your case. At times, a felony assault and battery can be negotiated down to a misdemeanor resulting in lesser penalties. It is important to get to work quickly on your charges so that proper time can be spent in our independent investigation of the facts and the evidence against you.

In California there are varying kinds of assault and battery offenses. Simple assault is a misdemeanor which carries with it jail time up to 6 months and up to $1000 in fines. Simple battery can be either a misdemeanor or felony. A judge will make the final decision on this matter but effective actions on our part may help to bring the charge down to a misdemeanor. Assault with a deadly weapon (not a firearm) and assault with a firearm can result in punishments of fines up to $10,000 and a term in state prison for up to 4 years. In order to be charged with assault with a firearm, a person need only possess a firearm while committing an assault offense.

Assault and battery is considered a serious offense that will be prosecuted vigorously. A conviction can change the course of your life and affect your family and relationships. We want you to have someone on your side, fighting for your rights and freedoms.