Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge covers not only abuse of one's current spouse. A former spouse, someone you are dating or had a dating relationship with, a related child, a person that you have had a child with or someone you cohabitate with can all be covered under domestic violence. Even a second degree blood relation can fall under this offense. With the penalties that you or a loved one may face, at the Law Office of Laura M. Petty, we want you to know that there are aggressive defenses that can be taken against domestic violence charges.

Recklessly or intentionally attempting to cause bodily harm to another is assault and if it has been directed towards a spouse or other relation as given above, it becomes domestic violence. This offense includes placing a person in a situation where they consider bodily harm will happen to them. Unfortunately, people are sometimes accused of domestic violence due to anger, jealousy or even as a tactic in divorce cases.

Domestic violence is considered an assault charge and can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony. Its classification depends upon the specifics of the incident and, in part, how effective a criminal defense lawyer can be in getting the charges reduced. If convicted, an individual may have a permanent record, have to attend a domestic batterer's class, do community service and receive a jail sentence. In some felony cases, large fines and time in prison may result from a conviction. A restraining order may be imposed and custody of your child or children can be taken away.

We have over 20 years of experience in criminal defense matters including violent crimes. Our successes include those accused of first degree murder, "three strikes" and other life-term cases. As former public defenders, we know the court system well and how it operates. Thorough investigation can shed light into what actually occurred in the incident. Cross-examination can reveal the true intent of those who have accused you. Let us begin the fight for your rights.

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